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By: 205. Alessandra | Date: Mar 30, 2011 |
Mike, I didn't had the chance to know you directly but I know Roberta and I know her heart. I hope there's some kind of world for the people who really loved each other, for the ones who have been set apart too early, for the ones who have still love to give to their soulmates. If it was a ball, it's still flying in the sky.

By: 204. tom daly | Date: Mar 30, 2011 |
what a wonderful life!

By: 203. Da Boo-Boo | Date: Mar 30, 2011 |
miss you and love you, always.

By: 202. Dave de A | Date: Mar 30, 2011 |
Five years already . . . and I still always see and hear Mike in my mind's eye and still can't quite believe he's gone. But, such is life and I can only be glad I knew him for so many years and got to know his truly unique character . . . never to be replaced and never forgotten.

By: 201. Diane McGarry | Date: Mar 25, 2011 |
Miss you Bro. And remembering you always in many ways...every day...your kids are amazing...more like you every day...Di

By: 200. Da boo- boo | Date: Mar 25, 2011 |
Hey dude...remembering you today in New Orleans! Hoping to hear some awesome music today and toast to your amazing life! I love you!

By: 199. Diane McGarry | Date: Feb 16, 2011 |
I totally forgot to fill you all in on the visit to the Bitter End on 12/17 at 8pm. (read message 196 for background)

Del and I both went that night and stayed for three different sets. All three sets were terrific. And we had a great time trying to figure out what was the meaning of the card, the date, the time, etc.

The Bitter End is an iconic place in NYC where Mike, Del and their friends hung out and played many gigs when living in New York. Great memories... We finally figured out that Mike probably just meant for us to spend an evening together remembering... Love you Mike. Always in our hearts.

Your big sis

By: 198. Scott | Date: Feb 16, 2011 |
So Di, who was there on there at the Bitter End on 12/17 at 8:00?


By: 197. kevin hammond | Date: Feb 15, 2011 |
Miss you pal......somethings in life never make sense and there was no-one who lived more fully and gave so much joy to so many.

By: 196. Diane McGarry | Date: Dec 3, 2010 |
Hey Mike,

Roberta and the kids were here for Thanksgiving. We had an amazing time. I know you know that as your presence was felt in so many ways. We knew you were with us in Central Park, on many walks on 8th and 9th Aves., and even in the Apple Store on 14th Ave. and 9th when a man handed me a card that had fallen from the table...it said "Bitter End 12/17 8 pm." - In your handwriting!!!

I showed the card to Roberta, Rachel, and Del who all thought it was you!!! So Del and I are going. We have no idea who will be there, but it doesn't matter. We knew it was you. The kids had so much fun here and there are so many good memories. We missed you.

Love you bro. Miss you every day.



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