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By: 199. Diane McGarry | Date: Feb 16, 2011 |
I totally forgot to fill you all in on the visit to the Bitter End on 12/17 at 8pm. (read message 196 for background)

Del and I both went that night and stayed for three different sets. All three sets were terrific. And we had a great time trying to figure out what was the meaning of the card, the date, the time, etc.

The Bitter End is an iconic place in NYC where Mike, Del and their friends hung out and played many gigs when living in New York. Great memories... We finally figured out that Mike probably just meant for us to spend an evening together remembering... Love you Mike. Always in our hearts.

Your big sis

By: 198. Scott | Date: Feb 16, 2011 |
So Di, who was there on there at the Bitter End on 12/17 at 8:00?


By: 197. kevin hammond | Date: Feb 15, 2011 |
Miss you pal......somethings in life never make sense and there was no-one who lived more fully and gave so much joy to so many.

By: 196. Diane McGarry | Date: Dec 3, 2010 |
Hey Mike,

Roberta and the kids were here for Thanksgiving. We had an amazing time. I know you know that as your presence was felt in so many ways. We knew you were with us in Central Park, on many walks on 8th and 9th Aves., and even in the Apple Store on 14th Ave. and 9th when a man handed me a card that had fallen from the table...it said "Bitter End 12/17 8 pm." - In your handwriting!!!

I showed the card to Roberta, Rachel, and Del who all thought it was you!!! So Del and I are going. We have no idea who will be there, but it doesn't matter. We knew it was you. The kids had so much fun here and there are so many good memories. We missed you.

Love you bro. Miss you every day.



By: 195. Diane McGarry | Date: Aug 31, 2010 |
Hi Mike,

Just returned from two weeks at Marina Piccola with Roberta and the kids. Oh My God! William and Julia are the most beautiful children - inside and outside! Roberta has done the most amazing job with them.

William's English is perfect. Julia's a little less so, but William keeps correcting her - as he does me when I'm practicing my Italian. It's so hard, but I'm trying.

Went to Pompei (Amazing), ZooMarine (plenty of fun), Villa Borghese (Beautiful), and of course all your favorite places.

Even visited you a couple times. Miss you. Love you. Roberta is staying strong and doing well. You would be so proud.

By: 194. Liz Butler Schatz | Date: Aug 28, 2010 |
I knew Mike from 7th grade at Goddard through High School. I always knew he was quite a dynamic individual. So, I was not surprised to read about his life. I heard at our 30 year high school reunion about the tragedy. I also heard about his wife Roberta and family. What I never knew is what a nice family Mike grew up in. This webpage is very special...and the pictures brought back memories of many years ago! I am in awe of the path you took and the joy you brought to so many!

By: 193. Jeff Horst | Date: Aug 6, 2010 |
I loved Mike. I think of him all the time. I thought of him again today. When I see the yankees or notre dame football - i think of him. When i go to NY, i think of him. When i see a beautiful italian woman, i think of him. He was a good friend. Here we are 4 years later, and i still miss my friend.

By: 192. Gary Grassey | Date: Jul 26, 2010 |
Tara and I dropped off our two oldest at ND for a week of basketball camp. Last night, we all visited your plaque in front of Washington Hall. I reminded my guys about your music and then I told them about your Bookstore Basketball career. I remembered the game when you dove after a ball on the pavement and finished off the move with a somersault. Your heart really was that big.

Peace - Grass

By: 191. The Sacramento Bee | Date: Jul 7, 2010 |
Aaron Dunn sentenced to death in Elk Grove slayings
By Andy Furillo
Published: Wednesday, Jul. 7, 2010 - 12:00 am | Page 1B
On the day he was sentenced to death, Aaron Norman Dunn fiddled with a pencil while the judge spoke and mumbled under his breath when the wife of a man he killed suggested the defendant did the work of Satan.
Otherwise, Dunn looked bored. When it was over, he ambled off in chains, nodding to the TV cameras on his way to a cell with his name on it on San Quentin's death row.
"It is the judgment and sentence of this court that you, Aaron Norman Dunn, should be put to death within the walls of San Quentin in the manner proscribed by law upon the date to be fixed by this court in the warrant of execution," Sacramento Superior Court Judge Michael W. Sweet told the defendant Tuesday.
The judge's pronouncement of death culminated more than four years of litigation that commenced the night of March 25, 2006, when the 32-year-old Dunn homicidally enraged over a cheating wife and powered toward violence after a week's worth of methamphetamine ingestion shot and killed two men who were enjoying an evening out with their families in Elk Grove.
Sweet's imposition of death carried an anti-climactic feel. The jurors' April 13 conviction of Dunn on murder and attempted murder charges and their May 12 verdict that he should die almost made the outcome of Tuesday's hearing preordained. The victims' families had already spoken, the prosecution and defense arguments long-ago considered.
Assistant Public Defender Amy Rogers and co-defense counsel Hayes Gable III asked the judge to use his discretion to grant Dunn mercy based on the arguments they posed at trial. He suffered from meth psychosis, they said. He wasn't in his right mind because of the breakup of his marriage and loss of his daughter. His heroin-addict father and uncaring mother made a mess of him almost from the womb.
The judge agreed to the difficult circumstances of Dunn's life. But Sweet said they did not come close to excusing what Dunn did on a nice spring evening a little more than four years ago on Laguna Boulevard in Elk Grove. It was then that he murdered Michael John Daly, 45, and Jon Johnson, 46, with point-blank shotgun blasts to the face and tried to kill four other people, including two police officers.
"I further find that these killings involved great violence and displayed a high degree of cruelty, viciousness and callous disregard for the human life," Sweet said. "These were random acts of violence perpetrated against complete strangers who became victims literally because they happened to be where they were when they were.
"The murders, the attempted murders, the manner of their commission and their impact on the survivors and family members are so horrendous that it warrants death instead of life without parole," Sweet concluded.
From the victims' side, Johnson's wife, Karen, told Dunn that he wasn't the only one who grew up rough. Her husband, she said, lost his father when he was a kid in Arkansas, then moved to Oakland where he was raised "around pimps, and prostitutes, drug dealers."
Still, Karen Johnson said, Jon Johnson "chose to go to school and get an education. He made a choice to make something out of his life, out of his self."
Johnson said she considers herself "a very spiritual woman," and she said of Dunn, "I know that Satan worked through that man that night."
Dunn muttered something to himself in response, but Johnson said her spiritual side "has allowed me to be able to forgive this man. Aaron Dunn, I have forgiven you for what you have done."
For the Daly family, the victim's oldest sister, Dianne McGarry issued a written statement that echoed Johnson's thoughts about choice and circumstance."
"Aaron Dunn, you have brought these consequences upon yourself with the actions you chose on March 25, 2006," McGarry wrote, in a statement read by Deputy District Attorney Scott Triplett.
McGarry noted that Dunn has expressed no remorse and has offered no apologies.
"You are truly a cold, ruthless killer," McGarry wrote.
Triplett said he, too, had seen no sign of regret on Dunn's part. He said Dunn "is as deserving as you could be for this sentencing."
"I saw him make a flippant remark when Karen Johnson was speaking," Triplett said. "So it just kind of shows you his true character. He doesn't care. He doesn't care about this process or these people. What I saw today was further proof of that."
Dunn's sentence pushes the population to 706 on California's death row, where the average inmate's stay has been more than 17 years. With the prison system's lethal injection process in legal dispute, nobody has been executed in the state since Jan. 17, 2006.


By: 190. The Sacramento Bee | Date: Jul 6, 2010 |
July 6, 2010
Aaron Dunn sentenced to death for Elk Grove murders

By Andy Furillo

A Sacramento judge today ordered that Aaron Norman Dunn be executed by lethal injection for his 2006 shotgun killing spree in which he murdered two men who had just finished dining with their families in Elk Grove.

"It is the judgment and sentence of this court that you, Aaron Norman Dunn, should be put to death within the walls of San Quentin in the manner proscribed by law upon the date to be fixed by this court in the warrant of execution," Superior Court Judge Michael W. Sweet told the 32-year-old defendant.

Dunn (left) was convicted of murder April 13 in the March 25, 2006, slayings of Michael John Daly, 45, and Jon Johnson, 46. The two men were leaving popular Laguna Boulevard restaurants when they were killed by Dunn, who was distraught over the break-up of his marriage and had been ingesting methamphetamine.

The same jury that convicted Dunn voted on May 12 to recommend he face the death penalty. Dunn also was convicted of trying to kill four other people in the spree, two of whom were Elk Grove police officers.

Wearing a yellow jail T-shirt and flanked by three defense lawyers, Dunn remained silent but fiddled with a pencil at times during the sentencing hearing. At one point, he turned to look at Karen Johnson, the wife of victim Jon Johnson, who told the court, "Satan worked through that man that night."

Still, Johnson told the killer, "Aaron Dunn, I have forgiven you."

In a letter read to the court by Deputy District Attorney Scott Triplett, Daly's older sister, Dianne McGarry, refuted the defense contention that drugs, depression and a lousy upbringing combined to lead Dunn to murder.

McGarry said in her letter to Dunn that he had a choice in the events that have sent him to California's death row.

"Aaron Dunn, you have brought these consequences upon yourself with the actions you chose in March 25, 2006," McGarry wrote. She told Dunn in the letter, "You are truly a cold, ruthless killer."

Earlier in the hearing, Sweet rejected a defense motion to exercise "independent mercy" and refrain from sentencing Dunn to death.

The judge said the aggravating circumstances of the killings were "so horrendous" that they outweighed the defendant's problematic upbringing of a drug-abusing father and an indifferent, uncaring mother.

Sweet then delayed the sentencing hearing for a half hour while he read the probation report on Dunn that had been filed under seal.


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